Bridgewater Justice Centre


Bridgewater Justice Centre


Location: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Client: NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Architect: Lydon Lynch Architects

Certifications: LEED Canada-NC Certified

Size: 48,000 sq. ft.

Project Budget: N/A

This new justice facility houses three Courtrooms, Judges Offices, Court Administration Offices, Holding Cells and multi-purpose room and kitchens. 

M&R Engineering was responsible for mechanical design including HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection as well as electrical design including Lighting, Power and Communications and Sustainability Consulting (Mechanical and Electrical LEED Point Documentation and Energy Modeling).

Key Facts: 

  • High performance building envelope with effective R-18 and R-27 walls and R-32 roof.
  • High efficiency cast iron boilers with modulating burners and air-cooled chillers.
  • VAV air handling units complete with heating, cooling, humidification and exhaust air heat recovery.
  • Carbon Dioxide sensors are located in court rooms to reduce outdoor air when spaces are lightly occupied.
  • Variable Speed drives are installed on fans to save electricity and provide greater control.
  • Occupancy sensors are installed to reduce lighting power when rooms are unoccupied. 
  • Rainwater Cistern collects runoff from the roof and supplies toilets and urinals saving city water and reducing runoff into the storm system. 
  • Energy modeling indicated energy cost savings of 30% compared to the energy code (1997 MNECB).
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