Dalhousie SUB Renovation and Addition


Dalhousie SUB Renovation and Addition


Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Client: Dalhousie University

Architect: Lydon Lynch Architects

Certifications: -

Size: 30,000 sq. ft.

Project Budget: $10.7M

The Student Union Building at Dalhousie University underwent a major renovation to reduce energy use and an atrium was added to meet the expanding needs of the population.

M&R Engineering was responsible for mechanical design including HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection as well as electrical design including Lighting, Power, Communications and Security and Sustainability Consulting (Energy Study and Energy Modeling).

Key facts:

  • New Dual Duct VAV box terminal units coupled with DDC controls replaced constant volume units increasing control capabilities and reducing energy consumption.

  • In-floor radiant heating reduces energy use while providing a comfortable environment to the new atrium.

  • CO2 sensors are tied into the building automation system allowing demand controlled ventilation to reduce energy use

  • AHU fans and circulation pumps are equipped with variable frequency drives reducing energy use when demands are low.

  • New kitchen exhaust hoods are equipped with variable air volume capability to reduce energy use when cooking requirements are light.

  • A 10kW Solar PV array is installed on the building’s roof.

  • Occupancy and daylight sensors minimize lighting energy use.

  • Energy modeling was performed to receive a building permit.

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