Margaret Norrie McCain Centre


Margaret Norrie McCain Centre


Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Client: Mount Saint Vincent University

Architect: Harvey Architecture

Certifications: -

Size: 45,000 sq. ft.

Project Budget: N/A

The Margaret Norrie McCain Centre was the first new academic building built on campus in 40 years.  The building includes classrooms, lobby/student lounge, private offices, meeting rooms, link to the Library and pedway to the Student Centre.

M&R Engineering is responsible for mechanical design including HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection and a Feasibility Study for Efficiency NS.

Key Facts: 

  • Efficient Building Envelope: R-20 Wall, R-30 Roof and spectrally selective glazing 
  • A chilled beam cooling system utilizing a water-cooled chiller reduce fan energy.  Fan-coil units were used in the entry lobby due to the risk of of condensation on chilled beams in that area.
  • Radiant ceiling panel heating is used throughout the facility which is fed from the district heating system providing a comfortable space while saving energy compared to conventional systems. 
  • Variable Speed drives are installed on circulation pumps and cooling tower to save electricity and provide greater control. 
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air-Handling Systems (DOAS) provide ventilation and and control humidity, they include Energy Recovery Wheels, chilled water coils and hot water coils. 
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors are installed in classrooms to reduce ventilation when the room is unoccupied. 
  • Energy modeling indicates energy cost savings of 47% compared to the energy code (1997 MNECB).
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