TD Centre


TD Centre


Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Client: TDB Halifax Holdings Limited

Architect: Lydon Lynch Architects

Certifications: LEED Canada-CS Gold Candidate

Size: 240,000 sq. ft.

Project Budget: $23M

The TD Centre Redevelopment project comprises of a new 21-storey tower built adjacent the existing TD Bank and renovation of existing tower to suit the new expansion.  

M&R Engineering was responsible for mechanical design including HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection as well as electrical design including Lighting, Power, Communications, Life Safety Systems and Security and Sustainability Consulting (LEED Point Documentation, Commissioning and Energy Modeling).

Key Facts: 

  • Efficient Building Envelope with glazed windows.
  • Condensing Gas Boilers.
  • Variable Speed Modular Chiller
  • Variable Speed drives are installed on circulation pumps and fans to save electricity and provide greater control. 
  • Energy Recovery is installed in Air Handling Units to recover heat from exhaust air. 
  • Digital Lighting Controls System to provide flexibility, real-time monitoring, control and scheduling of lighting zones.
  • Occupancy sensors are installed to reduce lighting power when the room is unoccupied. 
  • Daylight sensors are used to control perimeter lighting; lights turn off when there is sufficient daylight available. 
  • Cut-off fixtures are installed on the building exterior to provide site lighting while reducing light pollution. 
  • Standby emergency diesel generator.
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures save water and energy used to heat domestic water: 4.8 L/flush, 0.5 L/flush urinals, 1.9 L/min lavatories, 5.7 L/min sinks, 7.6 L/min showers.
  • Energy modeling indicates energy cost savings of 49% compared to the energy code (MNECB). 
  • ECM motors on all fan coil units to reduce energy consumption.
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