The Mary Ann

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Mary Ann.JPG

The Mary Ann


Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Client: BANC Group

Architect: DRKR

Certifications: -

Size: 307,000 sq. ft. (including parking garage)

Project Budget: N/A

This 9 storey, 133 unit apartment building includes 8 floors of multi-unit residential, a commercial floor and an underground parking garage. 

M&R Engineering was responsible for mechanical design including HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection as well as electrical design including Lighting, Power, Communications and Security. 

Key Facts: 

  • Apartments are heating and cooled by a boiler-cooling tower water loop heat pump system.

  • Condensing boilers provide heating and domestic hot water.

  • Heat is captured from the heat pumps when they are air conditioning to preheat domestic hot water.

  • Each apartment has an HRV providing individual control of ventilation rate and allowing heat recovery from exhaust air.

  • A natural gas-fired emergency generator powering life safety systems.

  • Energy modeling indicated 11% energy savings compared to the 2011 NECB.

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